• Food & Beverage
  • WIFI
  • ATM and currency
  • Customs and the police
  • Security control
  • Lost property
  • Meeting rooms
  • Airfreight / Cargo
  • Handling agents
  • Drones

Food & Beverage

Food Bar

Food Bar serves a wide variety of fresh baguettes and freshly baked pastries. For further information, please contact phone +47 94 01 14 63.


Point offers a traditional variety of kiosk goods as well as personal hygiene items in small packs, non-prescription pharmacy goods, travel accessories, small gifts and souvenirs. They also offer fresh, healthy and simple meal-time solutions that are well suited for travelling.

The dining outlets are open to all departures.


How to get wireless internet

Select the wireless network called FLYHAU.
Open your web browser. A window will then appear. Select accept and you’re online!

ATM and currency

Nordea has three ATMs at Haugesund Airport Karmøy with a number of currencies.

Right inside the main entrance of the check-in area, at security control and at international departures.

Information about currencies available at Haugesund Airport: Nordea

Customs and the police


There are rules for how much you can bring with you home from Tax Free.

View quota rules.


The police holdes passport control for air traffic to and from countries outside the Schengen area.

View passport rules.

Security control

You can help make everything run smoothly and efficiently in security control with the following easy steps.

The following are not allowed to be included in hand baggage (must be checked in):

  • Liquid in containers exceeding 100 ml.
  • Sharp or pointed objects, or other objects that may pose a risk.

The following can go through security control in sealed plastic bags:

  • Liquid in containers that accommodate up to 100 ml.
  • All containers must fit in one transparent one-litre bag.
  • Only one 1-litre bag is allowed per traveller.

If you use a wheelchair or have implants, the security control is performed manually, not in the metal detector.

Loose objects:

  • Mobile phones, small headphones and other loose objects must be packed in hand luggage or outer clothing.

You will find the list over what you can bring in the hand luggage and checked luggage here.


Lost property

Have you lost or forgotten something at the airport or on the plane?

We take care of lost items found at the airport, and store them for three months.

If you have lost or forgotten your belongings, contact phone +47 95 91 53 77.

Meeting rooms

Save time - Arrange your meeting at the airport
Room Capacity Per hour Full day 3 days 5 days Weekends
Eirik Blodøks 7 people NOK 300 NOK 1,800 10% discount 50% discount 30% discount
Harald Hårfagre 15 people NOK 350 NOK 2,200 10% discount 50% discount 30% discount

In addition, administration costs at NOK 75.00 per invoice.

The meeting rooms are equipped with WIFI, whiteboard and projector with integrated Clickshare.

For rental of meeting rooms contact the Administration of Lufthavndrift AS on post@flyhau.no.

Airfreight / Cargo

For information about airfreight please contact cargo agent: Sea-Cargo Haugesund

Handling agents

Contact your handling agent.

Handling agents take care of check-in and baggage handling.

Below you will find the contact information for handling agents at Haugesund Airport Karmøy.

For information about handling services and in case of missing or damaged baggage please use the contact information below.

Widerøe Ground Handling

Flights with Norwegian, Widerøe and Wizzair.


Flights with SAS.

Website: aviator.eu 


Do you use a drone for hobby or commercial purposes? On the Aviation Authority’s website you will find online courses, declarations and approved drone operators. In addition, you will find information about drone games, questions and answers, regulations and restriction areas.

Information about drones