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Lufthavndrift AS

In 2017, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport decided that Haugesund Airport should be outsourced as a service concession for 20 years.

The private company Lufthavndrift AS was awarded the concession and took over the operation of the airport on 12 May 2019.

Haugesund has national and international routes, operated by, among others, SAS, Norwegian, Ryanair and WizzAir as well as a number of charter companies. Airport Drift AS employs approx. 30 full-time equivalents while about 200 people have their daily workplace at HAU.

Job opportunities


Currently no vacant positions in Lufthavndrift AS.

There are several operators at the airport who can be contacted directly for questions about job vacancies.

Food & Beverages: SSP

Baggage handling: Aviator and Widerøe Ground Handling

Security: Widerøe Ground Handling

Cleaning and aircraft cleaning: Effektivt Renhold and Elite

Airport advertising

The airport is a good venue for profile building.

The airport is a unique market place, with considerable traffic of quality conscious passengers, making it a very suitable venue for profile building. Companies with ties to the region served by the airport are good candidates for profiling. The airport is perceived as a gateway to the region, and cornerstone businesses will thus have been the first to welcome visitors.

The sale of advertising at the airport is handled by our partner, Reklameservice AS. Take direct contact for a quote or presentation of the opportunities at Haugesund Airport Karmøy:

Advertising at Haugesund Airport

Harald Fredly (General Manager)
Phone: +47 90 11 48 05/+47 71 20 19 00

Passenger statistics

Below you find the passenger statistics for Haugesund Airport Karmøy