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When do you have to be at the airport and where should you check in your luggage?

How early you must be at the airport varies, but the most common check-in times are:

  • Domestic: At least 1 hour prior to departure.
  • International: At least 1.5 hours prior to departure.
  • Charter flights: Check-in desks open 2 hours before departure and close 1 hour before departure.

If you have checked in beforehand and have only carry-on luggage, you can go directly to the security control. Remember to bring your travel documents (passport, etc.) as well as your boarding pass or electronic ticket.

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Luggage rules for EU and EEA

Luggage rules

There are various restrictions on what you can bring on your journey, both with regard to carry-on luggage and checked in luggage.


It is possible to bring smaller amounts of liquids in your carry-on luggage provided that:

  • The fluids are in containers that accommodate a maximum of 100 millilitres each
  • The containers are placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.
  • Only one 1 litre bag per traveller is allowed.

Missing or damaged baggage

In case of missing or damaged baggage please contact your  handling agent: Handling agents at HAU

Travel with children

By taking a few simple measures you can ensure a comfortable journey for both adults and children.

Important information when travelling with children:

  • You are allowed to bring on board in your carry-on luggage baby food and infant formula needed for the journey. The containers may contain more than 100 ml, and do not need to be packed in transparent, re-sealable plastic bags
  • Prams, pushchairs and car seats are sent as special luggage. Print out your luggage label in the usual way and deliver it to the check-in agents. To be sent in your own Prampack or a special bag that can be purchased at the airport
  • Playrooms, changing rooms and prams for loan are available at the airport
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Travel with animals

The rules relating to transport of pets may vary from country to country and from airline to airline

Important information for accompanying animals

The main rule is that all animals must be stored in their own cages and sent in the cargo compartment.

It is possible to have smaller animals with you through security control and in the cabin, if your carrier permits this.

Different rules may apply for the country to which you are travelling, so please remember to check with your carrier.

The cage must be in accordance to IATA standard.

Delivery of animals can take place earliest 2 hours before departure and latest 45 minutes before departure.

Passport, ID and VISA

If you are travelling abroad, you should bring your passport with you.

The most important rules to remember with regard to passports are that:


If you have a mobility disability or special requirements during your flight, our staff will assist you.

Staff at the airport are responsible for assisting passengers with mobility disabilities. Haugesund Airport Karmøy has established a meeting place where you can obtain assistance. The meeting place will be at the counter in the hall where you check-in.

You will get assistance if you:

  • Need special service to get to and from the aircraft
  • Use portable oxygen equipment
  • Are dependent on a wheelchair
  • Have impaired vision or hearing and need direct information
  • Bring your own guide dog

Package deals

Exciting package deals and theme holidays from Haugesund Airport Karmøy!

Can we tempt you with trekking in the Alps? Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela or sailing through the Panama Canal?

Our local travel agencies offers a variety of theme- and group tours to many exciting destinations.



Flight operators

Contact your airline.


Phone: +47 21 49 00 15
Website: Norwegian.no


Phone:  +47 21 89 64 00
Website: SAS.no



Phone:  +47 820 77 315
Website: Wizzair.com

Handling agents

Contact your handling agent.

Handling agents take care of check-in and baggage handling.

Below you will find the contact information for handling agents at Haugesund Airport Karmøy.

For information about handling services and in case of missing or damaged baggage please use the contact information below.

Widerøe Ground Handling

Flights with Norwegian, Widerøe and WizzAir.


Flights with SAS.

Website: aviator.eu 


Aircrafts using Haugesund Airport Karmøy are to pay charges according to the present rules of the tariff regulations below.